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Matching Pairs - Game

A simple but fun concentration and memory game that requires players to spot the identical pictures. Colourful illustrations and large, easy to select buttons. There are two levels to play.

Sizes - Colouring Activity Sheets

Which is smallest? Which is bigger? Which one is big? Which one is small? These colouring sheets allow children to compare the sizes of animals and to expand vocabulary.

Colour and Count

How many lambs can you see? How many flowers? How many clouds? Colour the pictures and count the things you can see. Counting practice up to ten.

Drawing and Colouring Sheets

Join the lines to complete the animal pictures. Create a colourful farm background for the animal.

Shapes - Colouring Activity Sheets

Some woolly jumpers are covered in lovely patterns. Count the shapes on the jumper, colour the jumper and add your own shapes to finish the pattern. Recognising and drawing shapes. Counting practice up to ten.

Baa Baa Black Sheep - Activity Ideas

Activities based on the well-loved nursery rhyme. Children recall the rhyme, consider the meaning of it and explore the characteristics of animals.

Spot the Sheep - Activity Sheet

Find the sheep that are hiding in the picture. Can you find them all? Increasing observation and concentration. Counting up to ten.

Dreaming - Activity Sheets

Ask children to identify what the sheep is dreaming about and why. Use these sheets as a topic for discussion. Encourage children to share views and to listen and respond to the opinions of others.

Letter Formation - Activity Sheets

Handwriting practice sheets containing activities to develop writing and alphabet skills and to expand vocabulary.


Print and hand-out these certificates as rewards for good work, good behaviour or to mark the complettion of a project.

Classroom Display Printouts

These printouts have been designed for classroom displays, word walls and bulletin boards. Customise for your classroom.

Project Images

Bring learning to life with our unique British Wool Learning clip art. Download the set of illustrations to use freely in your project work and classroom displays.